An Investment Opportunity

A life changing opportunity for Disabled People and Investors Australia Wide!

Own real estate providing care to disabled people, returning 7% to 15% Nett ROI, without the complication of running the business.

  • 2 rooms rented with Overnight Care - $1346 Per Week
  • 3 rooms rented with Overnight Care - $1692 Per Week
  • 4 rooms rented with Overnight Care - $1942 Per Week
  • 5 rooms rented with Overnight Care - $3038 Per Week

Our Offer

The NDIS Explained

Liz's Story - An SDA Participant (Tenant)

Opportunities from $530,000

Why such a high ROI?

The Australian Government pays the Participant’s rent at a rate that returns 7% – 15% + on your investment

These homes are designed to provide an enhanced level of care, theretofore offering a higher return.

Actual payment amounts can be seen at
This is a Disability Care related opportunity.

It’s highly likely that valuers have never seen an NDIS property before.
There is no precedent to work off.
They possibly may not understand that its more expensive to build a property that caters to the disabled. As an example, the kitchen and bathroom will be up to 20% more to build and the valuer will most likely not have comparables to work with. It’s important to understand that the $560k property you are building may only be valued at say $500k. Hence, if you don’t have any equity or extra cash then this is not an investment for you.

Traditional lenders are still coming to grips with understanding the NDIS. Further, not all lenders will want to take on a security that may end up on “Today Tonight” for kicking out the disabled! In assessing your finance application, the lenders will only use normal market rent and not the rent the federal government will be paying. 

So for example, if the 4 bedroom $550k house would normally rent for $25kpa, then this is the figure they will use. Hence if you are relying on the $100kpa rent to help you get access to finance, then its highly UNLIKELY your finance application will be successful.

There is no question there will be hurdles that the NDIS providers, federal government,
legal professions and everyone associated with this new era of property investment will encounter.
There is still an element of “we don’t know what we don’t know”. Hence, if you are looking for a property investment that has a history of knowing what problems typically arise, then this is not an investment for you.

7% – 15% Expected NET Return, Based on Platinum, Fully Accessible NDIS Level
Returns will vary depending on location, land cost and custom design specifications